An Islamic Court in Context

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    Because the geo-political borders drawn by European colonial powers were virtually arbitrary in nature, many of the newly-independent states that succeeded those former colonies also inherited the same political boundaries. Shindano now seeks to dissolve her marriage to Abu in the local in Mature Mkokotoni women court, claiming that Abu's statements and actions constitute a divorce under Islamic law. Had Shindano been a man, however, or a non-Muslim, or in Mature Mkokotoni women resident of mainland Tanzania "Tanganyika"the result of this proceeding may have been very different. Like most of its African neighbors, Tanzania underwent a period of colonization, in Mature Mkokotoni women which a series of European nations ruled over both Tanganyika and Zanzibar. This story is an example of a typical divorce proceeding within the kadhi's court system of Zanzibar. As a result, countries such as Tanzania are populated by a heterogeneous citizenry, the members of which belong to any number of ethnic, racial, religious, and tribal communities. In order to accommodate its various religious and ethnic groups, Tanzania established a pluralistic legal system that, while laudable in its objectives, denies some of its citizens the basic equal protection guarantees provided in the Tanzanian Constitution and under international law.

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