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    They've left that to the Macedonian political bloc to take the heat over from Brussels or Washington or Amsterdam or San Francisco! But the Euro-cool guys and gals in reality are secretly turned on by Albanian Alpha Males, tough guys and terrorists or "romantic rebels" such as Ali Ahmeti, the former Commander of the NLA and now in Tetovo woman Nasty king maker in Macedonia's parliament. Ahmeti has moved the very capable Teuta Arifi out of the Macedonian coalition government and into the mayorship of western Macedonia town of Tetovo, the power base of Albanian nationalism in Macedonia. Whilst Ljubomir is now seeking peace and indulging in western style post-nationalism, Ahmeti and DUI have cleverly sidestepped the political minefield of Western style identity politics such as feminism, gender, gay rights, abortion in Tetovo woman Nasty so on. You do not have to be born in Skopje, as long as you adopt the behaviour and you in Tetovo woman Nasty the "street cred" then you are in. From time to time to show their radical chic they complain about a police state--even though they are the ruling elite within in it. The recent abortion rights protests in the country highlighted this concern, as ethnic Albanians have the highest birth rate in Europe as opposed to ethnic Macedonians. Ali Ahmeti is smarter than rival Menduh Thaci and the Macedonian elite. You know you say: Guess who the West secretly prefers?

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