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    Amuru District Chairman, Mr Anthony Atube, said poverty among child-headed families and women widowed by the northern rebellion was forcing some women and young girls to involve themselves in sex trade. Masindi Prostitute in workers from both Uganda and Sudan have taken advantage of the situation to make ends meet. About 14 percent of the truckers interviewed during the new study said they had only spent nights at home in the last 12 months. Dr Ferguson revealed that the majority of people who buy prostitutes are truck drivers, Dr Ferguson said the majority Masindi Prostitute in migrant sex workers who keep moving from Uganda to Sudan or from Sudan to Uganda in search for greener pastures. Recently, police in Sudan rounded up prostitutes at Nimule border who were Masindi Prostitute in to be Ugandans. Dr Ferguson said there was no fixed charge for unprotected sex because whereas in Masindi Prostitute in places sex workers were paid Shs50, for that kind of sex, in locations that are stricken by poverty like Karuma, prostitutes were being paid as low as Shs2, for unprotected sex. Presenting the findings, a consultant on the study, Dr Alan Ferguson, said transactional sex is well established on the Kampala-Juba highway. According to the study, absence from home promotes risky sexual behaviour among truckers, said to be diffusion agents for HIV in East Africa. This is because truckers spend most of their time Masindi Prostitute in the road.

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